Make Your Own Natural Home Cleaning Products

Create a cleaner, greener and safer home

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This hands-on workshop is an introduction to using essential oils, and other plant-based ingredients, to make your own chemical-free household cleaning products. Many essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, which can be the foundation for products to clean your home - and make it smell amazing! You’ll learn how to make surface spray, laundry detergent, linen spray and dishwasher powder, plus many more. You’ll leave with three beautifully-packaged products scented with oils of your choice, and the recipes to refill them and do your bit to save the planet in the process.

We’re increasingly aware of the toxins that pollute the modern environment we share, from exhaust fumes, to pesticides and industrial chemicals. But, perhaps we’re less aware of the invisible pollutants we’re exposed to in our own homes. The products we buy from the supermarket to keep our homes clean, and germs at bay, can cause respiratory issues and skin irritations, and interfere with our hormones. Making your own products means you can banish these commercial concoctions from your cleaning cupboard and safeguard your family’s health.

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What you will learn
  • How to use essentials oils to make your own low-tox cleaning products
  • The basics of using essential oils safely to clean and purify the air in your home
  • Why it’s vital for your health to ditch commercial cleaning products
What you will get
  • The knowledge to go home and overhaul your cleaning cupboard with low-tox DIY alternatives
  • A 10 page booklet of my favourite green cleaning recipes
  • 3 products (surface spray, linen spray and fabric softener) to take home in glass bottles to refill over and over again

What to bring
  • Everything is provided
What to wear


Appropriate for

All are welcome

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Bookings are strictly not transferable to other dates. Please double check the date of the workshop before booking, cancellations will result in forfeit of payment. 

Please note there are no refunds on classes and classes cannot be switched post booking. By purchasing this class you agree to these terms and conditions. However, if you’re unable to attend please feel free to send someone else in your place.

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Terms & Conditions


We often take photographs during our workshops to share through our instagram @thinkthornbury or with our community. Our photographs often contain your hands while you work but may also show your face. If you do not consent to have your (or your child's) photograph taken and shared on our social media platforms and/or website please let us know before the workshop begins.

You can send us an email prior to class hello@thinkthornbury.com or just give us a heads up at the start of class. 

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and at home in Think Thornbury!

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19 February 2020 • Make Your Own Natural Home Cleaning Products

I 'm really keen to do more for the environment around my own home, but it all feels a bit daunting and it's so easy to just buy products at the supermarket... but now I know it really is super easy to make your own products. Cath gives you a full list of recipes which she talks through, your shown the ingredients and when where you can buy them, then you get to make 3 and take them home! This morning the kids and I cleaned the breakfast table with tee-tree and grapefruit spray and it worked a treat. I am kinda excited to do a load of washing now (never thought I would say that!). Highly recommend, the price is cheap considering everything you learn and take home. Thanks for a great night Cath, and a nice smelling house!


22 October 2019 • Make Your Own Natural Home Cleaning Products

The workshop didn’t disappoint my expectations. I absolutely loved it and Cath is really knowledgeable and very nice. I think more ppl should attend it so they could eliminate all the bad chemicals from their household.


21 August 2019 • Make Your Own Natural Home Cleaning Products

I had a lovely workshop with Cath, its held in a lovely setting - really enjoyed the evening overall. Cath was very informative and helpful at the workshop. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to start making their own cleaning products. We got to take home a lovely multi-purpose spray, laundry liquid and a linen spray. Thanks again!

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